Hi there and welcome!

My name is Nadine and I love all things personal finance. When I was 35 years old, I left my corporate job to make time to pursue a career I never want to retire from. Funemployed.ca was started as a way to further my self-education and help Canadian millennials reframe their finances. I am currently completing my FPSC (Financial Planning Standards Council) Core Curriculum courses, with the intent of earning a CFP (Certified Financial Planning) designation in the future.

This website will talk about issues surrounding money that influence our priorities and behaviours. Here you will find practical strategies for personal finance as well as open discussions on how values and behaviours impact our decisions and how we can create self-awareness around our spending. Essentially, we will look at personal finance through a lens of financial and behavioural literacy. Although many of the principles are universal, this website references Canadian specific programs and benefits.

Nothing makes me more excited than helping others improve their relationship with money so that you can save and spend in alignment with your values and live awesome lives! I hope you find some of this useful.